Saturday, 8 December 2012

PIC24FJ64GB002 - USB Host Board

Finally got the prototype board and PIC24FJ64GB002. This is how it looks like.

Top Side

Bottom side
Close up on the PIC24FJ64GB002
The whole unit with TPLink MA180 Connected.

The RS232 level shifter is not mounted since it is connected to the USB/Serial module based on ftdi rs232 which was designed earlier.

A quick check with a modified firmware to change the UART pin connection. Some configuration register setting is not usable (example USB 96Mhz) and it was giving a compile error. So it was removed. The compiled hex file was flash into this new board.

With a teraterm console open to monitor and UART activity, power up the unit and keep my finger cross.

Voila, there was life. The unit power up and start to output messages...

þªR(&M£J256GB106 Device Initialized
3G USB Application Initialize
No USB Device Connected
3GD: Try to install driver on DeviceID 2357 ProductID f006
3GD: Not supported Device & Product ID
Switching to 3G Modem on DevID = 2357 ProductID = 0200
Detaching Device
3GD: Try to install driver on DeviceID 2357 ProductID f006
3GD: Not supported Device & Product ID
3GD: Try to install driver on DeviceID 2357 ProductID 0201
TPLink MA180 Connected
TPLink MA180 Ready
Model: MA180
Revision: M6290A-KPRZL-2.4.0240T  1  [Jan 17 2011 10:00:00]
IMEI: 8630770ccccxxxxx
Seems the software written earlier on the PIC24FJ256GB106 could somehow work on the PIC24FJ64GB002. However some problem was detected in the earlier booting. There is some corrupt data from debug log when power up.

The corrupted debug log was resolved. This was due to some buffer that wasn't being initialized upon boot up.

The configuration register was examine and modified from GB106 to GB002. This conclude this post. The next post will examine into the AT command parser to send and receive SMS.

After one long year has passed, Decide the continue this work a little further. Finally added a simple AT command parser to do the following task.

1. Set SMS to Text Mode
2. Set SMS to Sim-Card Storage
3. Get the list of message.
4. Read message and parse the command.
5. Delete the Read Message.
6. Check if Reply Request was made.

The system will turn on/off LED by using OnButtonX and OffButtonX, The PIC will reply Button1 to 4 Status if a SMS with Reply is send.


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  1. Hi, this is a very interesting project. Have you made any further success?